Your Good Skin Review

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Honestly... I have no clue what happened to the quality of the photo above. I did use a Instasize to edit these pictures, which i haven't done before, maybe its that?

I was recently sent a few products from the brand Your Good Skin for a 28 day challenge using their skin concentrate. I've decided to try out the other products and now i want to give you a full review and  let you know whether you should go out and try it.

I was sent the Skin Concentrate, Rapid Rescue Treatment,Calming Cleanser and Day Cream.

This Serum had a lot of claims. It promised to transform my skin in 28 days. The first time i used it... BAM spot. Now I cant say that it was the serum that did this but i did find quite a coincidence. I didn't feel that it did much however after using it again but with all the other products i will say it was much better. The packaging was very good. It came with a little box which was magnetic, i felt this was really nice. The serum was quite thin and therefore was great for in the morning and night.

Loving the use of alliteration in that name... okay ill stop letting my English GCSE work into my blog. The cleanser is blemish clearing which is what i need right now! My skin felt nice and fresh after using, which is the best feeling ever. My make up was removed well in my opinion and i didn't see any after cleansing. It truly is creamy which i felt was really nice and relaxing to apply.

I didn't really know how to feel about this, other than I THINK it works? The product was gel, which surprised me as i thought it would be a cream. My eyes did start to sting a bit after i applied to a blemish on my nose however this did go away quite quickly. The gel did make it very refreshing which was nice. My skin did become a little stiff where i applied but that didn't bother me. I applied to a small blemish and in the morning it was gone however i think this may have just gone naturally.

I am not too sure how i feel about this cream. I think that it's great that it has SPF as that is a great quality for a day cream. Unfortunately, the cream made my skin a little red which i don't think anybody wants in the morning when they're going to school/work. I will admit that the cream was hydrating, which is what i expect from a moisturiser. My skin was very smooth and nice to touch.

Over all my skin felt amazing after using the products together. My skin felt clean and smooth and i would recommend using the products together for the best results.
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  1. Lovely post!
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    1. Thank you so much! That is so lovely of you! I'll send you a pm now.

  2. I recently bought their facial wash as i was looking for something cheaper but effective - I quite like it x

    1. It's a great alternative for when you don't want to splurge x

  3. I hope your products are really effective and its original to get right idea.