Empties #1

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Hey! Today i am bring a post based around my empties. Now i usually rotate my make up and skincare each month , so it takes time for a product to completely run out. I've manage to create a collection of a few items and i'm going to tell you which i loved, liked and disliked. 

What I Loved!

I really need to try out more products as everything i have tried from this brand i have loved! This moisturiser is super hydrating and satisfying to apply. It made my skin feel amazing and i looked forward to applying this product every morning! 

Caudalie - SOS Serum
Again I absolutely fell in love with this product and after i use my last little travel size i will defiantly be purchasing a full size as this serum is a dream. 

Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer
I'm constantly repurchasing this concealer. It is really affordable  and is great for an everyday concealer. I would say that this is a medium coverage and is great for under the eyes.

MAC - Pro Long-wear Concealer 
If you're looking for a more full coverage concealer than this one is a great choice. I will say i had to break open my jar as there was still lots of product left at the bottom but it didn't squirt out through the pump. I also wish it was more affordable.

What I Liked!

This is quite a good micellar water and does actually feel like it is cleansing my skin unlike other ones i have tried. The product did run out quite quickly though as a lot of product does come out at once, therefore i just wish the packaging was more efficient.

Just your average foundation. I wouldn't say it lasts 8 hours never mind 24. The coverage is light to medium where i would prefer a full coverage. Nothing special.

This is a nice mascara however i think because it is the waterproof version it isn't as impressive. I will be looking to try out the regular version as I've heard some great things!

Skinfix - Foaming Oil Cleanser
 This cleanser was good! I felt like it really did cleanse my skin. I would but this in the 'love' section however i'm just not jumping at the opportunity to repurchase.

OOlution - Eye Love
 I quite liked this eye cream. I think it did a great job. It really woke me up in the morning , I'd just like to see some more results.

What I Disliked...

Garnier - Micellar Water Sensitive Skin
 I didn't mind the product to apply and i did use it all. I just felt that the product didn't cleanse much at all, which was quite a disappointment. I also received my product in the post, only to find it half empty as the packaging had snapped and leaked, They need to make their packaging more sturdy.

Thanks for reading! 
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What products should i try out?


  1. Collection Lasting Perfection is definitely one of my faves! It's so inexpensive and creamy xo
    Such a lovely blog-post x


  2. I've heard so many great things about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, which is when I decided to give it a try. I was super disappointed because it didn't do much effect to me as opposed to the many local bloggers that swear by it.

    Will search locally for the Maybelline mascara as I've always wanted to try it too!

    I really enjoyed this post!

  3. The oil infused micellar water is much better!

    You should definitely try out the mascara.

    Thanks for reading!