Empties #2

Good morning/afternoon/evening... I've been stashing away my empty products to share my views to you lovely people. 
The struggle is real... i really want to paint my walls white as i'm having to fake white walls with white paper and its so much effort!
I've collected 12 products as i didn't want to make the post too long or short (and i ran out if space to store them)

What I Loved! (Will repurchase)

  • Glamglow - Volcasmic matte glow moisturiser. I adored this moisturiser. it felt amazing on the skin and made it so smooth. Now the best feature of this product is the scent...O.M.G... It smells like sherbet and it's just delicious! 
  • Soap and Glory - Sugar crush body scrub. Again this is another product that smelt amazing! It reminds me of summer and is perfect to use before shaving or tanning.
  • Colourpop - No filter concealer. For the great price, this concealer does not disappoint! It has medium coverage and hides blemishes. I loved this concealer to use under the eyes to help hide my dark circles.
What i liked (But wouldn't repurchase)

  • L'oreal - Smooth sugars nourish scrub. This was a very nice scrub and felt gentle on the skin. It just didn't WOW me unfortunately. It was nice to use.
  • Dermalogica - Daily microfoliant. This product was quite interesting and i enjoyed using it. it didn't seem to make much difference the skin however.
  • Lacura - Calming toner.  I actually picked this up at aldi as a last resort to toner as i had ran out and didn't fancy making a trip to town to pick up some more. I actually quite enjoyed this toner and i might possibly purchase again if i run out and need a toner quickly. It was super affordable too.
  • Neal and Wolf - Flexible styling spray. This hairspray lasted me forever! it was a great hairspray however the product wasn't dispensed well and i had to keep shaking it in order for the product to spray out.
  • The Body Shop - Shea butter scrub. This product made my skin feel great after using it. I found it to become quite messy and i felt the grains were to fine to actually be scrubbing my skin.

What I didn't enjoy
  • The Organic Pharmacy - Antioxidant lip balm x2. I found this product to be very runny and they just didn't do much for my lips and sometimes made them worse.  
  • Caudalie - Micellar cleansing water. I hated the scent of this micellar water. The product its self was okay but ii personally didn't like the scent.
  • AVEDA - Thickening tonic. I didn't seem much difference when using this product and therefore i don't see the point in repurchasing.

That's all for today. I hope you found this post helpful!
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What product do you always repurchase?


  1. So weird, I actually really like the Aveda thickening spray! I have to pick it up again after I finish my bumble & bumble one!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    1. I think because I already have thick hair i automatically didn't find the product appealing or useful. Great to hear it works for you.