Rimmel #insta Fix & Go Primer & Setting Spray Reveiw

Yasss... I am so excited to share this review on the Rimmel Insta Fix setting spray. This is actually the 2nd setting spray I've ever owned... I know... I know. I don't know how I managed to cope, especially in the heat we've been having. They're so refreshing and also a life saver!

Now Rimmel claim that this product:
  • Locks makeup in place for up to 8 hours
  • Prevent colour from smudging or setting into fine lines
  • Prolong the wear of makeup in one application
I can't promise that the makeup is locked in for 8 hours however it definitely does make your makeup stay on longer than usual. The mist is very fine and easy to apply without flinching and getting your mascara EVERYWHERE! You get double the amount of product (100ml) compared to my Barry M setting spray which is super helpful as you won't have to repurchase as much. Even though the mist is fine i would still recommend letting your mascara dry before applying as i is very wet and can sometimes make your mascara end up under your eyes. 

This lovely setting spray retails for £6.99 which in my opinion is super affordable for the amount of product you get. You can purchase this beauty here.

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What are your go to setting sprays?


  1. This sounds such a lovely product! <3


  2. Erm....I've never owned a setting spray. I know, I know. It's great that the mist on this is so fine. I hate when facial sprays are really heavy and too wet x


    1. I didn't own one until recently! Use it everyday now.

  3. I have and love this rimmel setting spray! I'm loving that there are so many more awesome setting sprays in the drugstore.


  4. I have a few setting sprays but I rarely use them, I got one recently from Catrice and it's great. I must use them more often.