Batiste Blow Dry Accelerator Review

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I'm in love!
Oh how thankful i am to have discovered this product all thanks to Trnd! If it weren't for Trnd i would have never known about this life saver!

If you're anything like me, you know the struggle of drying our hair. I HATE it with a passion. It's tiring, boring and takes about 5 years just to dry. I'd love nothing more than to just let it air dry but then my  hair seems to appear greasy quicker and isn't the nicest to sleep with. 


Now, that was until i found the amazing product which is the Batiste Blow Dry Accelerator. This miracle claims to speed up the process by 30% and leaves hair looking smooth and protected from the heat. What more could you ask for? 


I can confirm that this product does everything it claims!
I am so so so happy that i now know about this product. I now dread drying my hair less as i know i wont be there for long. The packaging is gorge! Mainly because i looove the colour. I need Batiste to come out with a giant version of this as i never want to run out!

Overall I think this is great and that anyone who find drying their hair a chore should 100% give this a go!



  1. It makes your hair look like it has good volume.

  2. Wowooowowowow your hair looks amazing!

  3. I feel the same, it takes ages to blow dry my hair, it's a process that I don't enjoy at all. I haven't heard of this product before!


  4. I've always just air dried my hair, but maybe it would be better if I used this product? X

    1. I find that air drying sometimes gave me headaches. I think this product is great if you want to save time drying your hair x

  5. I had no idea Batiste even made anything other than dry shampoo! Will check it out if I see it. I must say I almost wanted to cut my hair short because blow drying my hair is such a pain lol