The Ordinary Serum Foundation

By now, especially if you read beauty blogs, you must have heard about the brand The Ordinary. They are well known for their affordable, yet really good quality products. The products are affordable due to the simplistic packaging, however i quite like the simple look.

I recently earned a gift card from Toluna for The House Of Fraser. I had never shopped here before and i was pleasantly surprised to find that they stocked The Ordinary and i finally gave in and decided to try out something from the brand. I chose the serum foundation as it sounded pretty interesting and the word 'serum' made me think it would be good for the skin.

I will advise you to choose a shade lighter than you think you are if choosing a shade online as i soon realised the shade i chose is too dark for my skin colour. I will however be able to use this shade when i am tanned. 
The foundation applied nicely and gave a medium coverage.The foundation does oxidise and the bottle can get quite dirty quickly.
The product felt lightweight on the skin and comfortable to wear.

As you can see above the coverage is quite good and makes the skin look smoothed and flawless compared to the hand without any product on.

The foundation retails for £6 which is an extremely good price and i am very happy with the foundation.

Have you tried any products from The Ordinary Before?


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  1. Thanls for this review ! I wanted to get this foundation but wasn’t sure if it’s worthy x Gonna give it a try 🌼Kat

  2. It's defiantly great , just buy a few shades lighter as it oxidises x

  3. I did not know HOF carried the ordinary products, thanks, I'll bear it in mind next time I place an order x

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