Rimmel 60s Rita Shades Of Black Review

Ugh! I really wanted to get up a review on the Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar but there was a whole mess up with the delivery and now I don't have the calendar to review :(
Instead, like promised, I have decided to do an in depth review on the Rita Shades of Black nail polish in matte black by Rimmel. The lovely company Bzzagent actually sent over this product and I totally recommend you check them out!

The colour that I chose was a matte black as I wanted to step out of my comfort zone as I had never owned a black nail polish or a matte nail polish so to me this was a whole new experience! The consistency of the product was perfect. It wasn't to runny and it wasn't to thick, it was just right. The colour payoff is great and you can get a really full coverage nail with two coats. The application process was nice and easy. However the product claims to dry in 60 seconds. I do believe this is true however you still need to be cautious and smudging will still occur if you are not careful. The polish lasted me about 5-6 before it began to come off however I do have a tendency to pick at the polish. The polish becomes shiny after a few days and loses the fully matte look which is quite disappointing but overall I think the product is great, especially at an amazing £2.99 at Superdrug! You can find this product here!

Please let me know if you have tried this or any other shades and how did you find them? Don't forget to follow the blog to keep updated and check out my social media!   


  1. I haven't tried a black nail polish before but I want to try it this winter. I don't know if I am going to love it or hate it but at least I will say I tried it!! Happy Friday lovely!! xx


    1. I wasn't sure at first. It's defiantly worth a try! Thanks for reading hun xx

  2. Ooh, matte black! I've never tried a matte color before, as I've preferred a glossy finish anyways. It's a shame the matte part doesn't last as long as the polish though!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

  3. I am in love with that nail polish!
    Victoria-Maria xx || Vidcaria