What I Got for Christmas 2017

Hey I'm back! If you couldn't tell already one of my new years resolutions is to really go for it with my blog. I'm really trying to up my game, starting with some better blog photos, I'm trying to be more creative so I now have a prop box filled with different things to use. The only problem is that they're mostly christmassy.
This post is going to be a kinda late What I got for Christmas haul, I am posting this with the intention with helping find a gift for someone similar to me as well as just in case you guys were curious. So without further or do....Here's what i got for Christmas 2017!


- NYX, Lip eye & face collection in the set London (Parents)
- NYX, Lip eye & face collection in the set New York (Parents)
- Maybelline, Babylips in Fierce and Tangy (Little Sister)
- Colour Couture, Red nail polish set (Parents)
- QiBest, Liquid lipstick in the shade 614 (Parents)
- Magical Halo, Eye/lip liner pencil in the shade P15-16 (Parents)
- Lacura, Eyeliner in black (Parents)

*From Top to Bottom (Red nail polish, Lip pencil P15-16, Liquid Lip, Black eyeliner, NYX London liquid lip, NYX London eye shadow quad, NYX London highlighter, NYX London blush.)*

*NYX New York set*

Smellys & Bath Stuff

- The Ramsbottom Soap, Tooti fruiti fizzing bath salt (Boyfriend)
- The Ramsbottom Soap, Millionaire bath bomb (Boyfriend)
- The Ramsbottom Soap, Purple & pink bath bomb (Boyfriend)
- The Ramsbottom Soap, Princess soap (Boyfriend)
- NSpa, Raspberry gift set (Parents)
- The Body Shop, Shea gift set (Parents)
- Joop, Miss wild fragrance (Parents)
- Hype, Body mist set (Older sister) 


- Personalised dressing gown (Parents)
- Primark, Beauty and the Beast slippers (Boyfriend)
- Rose Gold Bracelet (Boyfriend)
- Wish, Sleeping mask (Parents)
- Ring (Parents)
- Wish, Blue bag (Parents)


- HP Laptop (Parents)
- Primark, Beauty and the Beast bag (Boyfriend)
- Pink glitter 2018 diary (Parents)
- Wish, Bluetooth ear piece (Parents)
- Poundland, Christmas mason jar glass(Little Sister)
- Virgin Experiences, Fashion photo shoot (Parents)

 I am very lucky to have been gifted all this and in no way am I trying to brag. I hope you have found this post helpful if you are looking for some gift ideas as I loved all my gifts. 

What was your favourite gift you received or gave to someone else this year?
Thanks for reading and happy new year!


  1. Ah you got some really amazing bits, love the little chip slippers! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog also, well done you on all your hard work with it! x


  2. Glad you had a wonderful CHristmas and got pretty gifts. Happy New Year!