Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner Review

Marc Jacobs... I've never tried a high end brand such as Marc Jacobs so when this little black box arrived at my door you could say I got a tinsy bitsy excited. I had no clue that Influenster were sending this Voxbox as I didn't receive the email until a few days after.

What Are They? I received 2 Marc Jacobs Matte highliner gel eye crayons.I got the shades Earth(quake) and Deja Blue.

How I Use Them? I think these are perfect for creating art with your make up and adding pops of colour to your waterline.

What Is The Packaging Like? The packaging is quite simple. The crayons clearly show what colour they are and have the Brand name printed on. They have twistable bottoms in order to get more product which is very easy to use.

What Is The Texture Like? These eyeliners are super creamy and glide on the eye, just like they claim to. I agree with the fact that they are waterproof as you cant remove easily with just water.

What Is The Finish Like? They look smooth and matte.

Where Can I Find Them?  At John Lewis for £20 each. 

(Top-Bottom, Deja Blue , Earth(quake))

My Final Thoughts...

Packaging = 9/10
Texture   = 8/10
Price     = 6/10

Overall = 8/10
These applied beautifully and met my expectations coming from a brand such as Marc Jacobs. I wish they were a little more affordable however I can understand coming from a high quality brand.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I will see you next week. Don't forget to follow my twitter to know when I next post here.

* I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.