January Look Fantastic 2018

January 2018... Today's post is going to be my first Look Fantastic unboxing. You should expect these monthly until June as half way through the year i'm going to switch up my subscription to Birchbox. I had to take part in a mock interview day yesterday and after walking around in heels far to large for me it feels good to have a day without shoes!

First of all I was a little disappointed with how long my box took to be delivered hence why this post is so late. I must say though I think this box design is so pretty , I love how simple it is. As always i received the January copy of Elle Magazine and Look Fantastic's own magazine. 

Now , what products did I get? It was mostly all skin care and such but no make up, which is kind of disappointing as I prefer make up. 

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Do you have any beauty subscriptions?



  1. I emailed them 2 weeks ago and they said they had a problem in their warehouse, that's why all boxes were delayed. I still haven't received mine. Hope it arrives soon!x


  2. I emailed them too, I always seem to have problems with Look Fantastic unfortunately. I hope you received your box x