Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Cosmetics Conspiracy Palette Review.

Well Well... Look who managed to get hold of probably one of the most wanted makeup items of 2019. I actually managed to grab the palette and the 'Are You Filming' liquid lip in the first launch using the Beauty Bay app before that also crashed!
I would have done this post a long time ago but i had to wait until Christmas to open it because that was the deal. I could buy it now but i had to wait until Christmas. Although i did get to use my pig mirror since it's arrived, which you would have seen on my Instagram (@Caitpaigexo).
Today's post will be giving you my thoughts and opinions and it should help you reading decide if it's worth getting.

First of all, how beautiful does the palette look? I think Shane and Jeffree did an amazing job at picking out the shades to match together in the palette, i also love the designs. I think the different stamps in the eye shadows are genius, my favourites being Diet Cola, Cheese Dust and What's The Tea. I think it makes the palette more fun and if i'm honest it makes me more excited to use the shades.

(Top-Bottom: Ranch, Trish, Diet Cola, Food Videos)

I swatched a couple of my favourite shades but the picture doesn't do them justice! I hardly touched them and they were so pigmented! I was very impressed with food videos because in the series we saw that originally this shade was quite chalky and patchy so i was amazed to see how creamy is was when i swatched it in real life. I found it crazy to watch the development of these shades which i now own after seeing them in the series. I did notice however that the eye shadow stamps so start to work away quite easily but that might have been due to using my finger instead of a brush. 
I did test out the shadows using a brush and applying to my eyes and they are the best quality shadows I've used, i would suggest that to build it up carefully as again they are so pigmented and therefore have some fallout in the darker shades such as Spiralling. 

I did also manage to pick up the liquid lipstick Shane created in honour of Andrew which is named 'Are You Filming'. I have never used one of Jeffree's liquid lips before as i usually hate how liquid lips can feel uncomfortable and go all crusty. I had heard great things about his formula so i thought i would try one out. It was actually really comfortable to wear. I applied lip balm just in case and i didnt have a problem. Unfortunately it didn't manage to survive past Christmas dinner but i easily fixed that by reapplying. Oh and did i forget to mention it smells like diet root beer, i assume anyway because I've never tried it to know!  

So, is it worth your money? I'd say yes! If you're a fan of Shane or just makeup in general i think you will get a good use out of these products. I just want the whole collection now! Let me know if you want a review on anything else from the collection, It gives me an excuse to buy it ;). 

I hope you have a fabulous day and make sure to follow me on Instagram for more pictures of the palette @Caitpaigexo .