2020 Goals

Happy New Year!
It's time to enter a new decade and bring back the roaring 20's because who doesn't love the Great Gatsby right? I hope you've had a great year and if not i hope you're ready to have the best year yet! 
In this post I'm going to head back over to my 2019 goals post and I'm going review if i have achieved those goals or not. I will be telling you my new goals for the year as well don't you worry! 

2019 you have done me well. I am quite happy with the last year. I've had some ups and downs but all in all it's been a good one. I entered my last year in college, left a 3+ year relationship and turned the big 18 with a very interesting night out in Manchester. More importantly, did i achieve the goals i set myself? 

Did i learn to drive? Yes! I haven't officially passed my test yet (next week eeek!) even though i should have done my test in November we had a few issues with the learner car and i had to change the date :(. Did i start my blog/YouTube properly? I slacked on this one... I uploaded a little bit but not as much as i would've liked. I'm going to carry that goal onto 2020 so stay tuned. I did redecorate my room and i love the style that i have now and it's just more me!

Time for my 2020 goals!

Goal number 1: PASS MY DRIVING TEST (finally...)
Even though i should have already done my test and, hopefully, passed it got set back and now the earliest date was the beginning of January. I'm hoping this goal will be achieved fairly quickly so make sure you're following me on my socials to keep updated. I'm also hoping to save for a car this year too. The money included in the picture above is the actual amount in my purse hahaha. I've set myself a savings pot and when the new year hits, the saving begins.

The Big Ben saving jar above was actually the first thing i ever bought in London on my first trip to the capital a few years back. That brings me on to my next goal.

Goal number 2: Go to drama school!
This is probably my biggest goal of 2020 and one which I've kind of already completed!? I want to go to drama school in London which also means living in London too. Audition season has well and truly started and I've actually already had a successful audition for LMA in North London. I've got 3 more auditions left to do until i know which school i'm defiantly going to. This is a huge deal for me as I've never really lived away from my parents never mind moving 3 hours away! 

My 3rd and final goal is : BE MORE SOCIAL!!!!
I'm am sick of being boring and anti-social, the only time i ever really leave the house is for college or work. This year i am determined to make more plans and meet new people. The laziness stops and i'm going to start making more memories before i regret it!

That's all of my goals. Let me know if you have any tips or any similar goals because i'd love to hear about them!
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