June Favourites 2020!


June favourites... a classic post. I love a good old favourites blog post as it's nice to see what products people have been using and loving. A month is a nice amount of time to decide your opinions on a product so in this post I've included a mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

We've had lovely weather in the UK last month. I'm saying this as it's dark, gloomy and rainy at the moment but previously it has been amazing. You wouldn't think so from the look of these favourites... boots...candles but I promise it was!

Lets start with the newest item from the lot, my Shein boots. I was introduced to these fashion staples by a friend who has been updating her wardrobe to suit her style more. She had come across these on a haul and she had managed to convince herself and clearly me as well that we needed a pair. They were around £32 and for some chunky boots that is a great price! They black ans simple and totally out of my comfort zone but i love them! I do have bigger calves so at first i did feel uncomfortable as i felt they didn't look right on my body but i found that if i didn't tie the laces up to the top and left them a bit loose they looked much better and made my outfits 10 times better than my usual trainers. They are much better quality than i imagined however the blisters are real! Breaking these boots in will be a painful time but definitely worth it.

Now moving on to lifestyle I have some candles! I love a good candle and these are for sure some amazing smelling ones! I got gifted these last year for Christmas and i actually got two sets so i guess mocktail candles were popular back then? Anyway they smell amazing and fill the room up with the best scents. My favourite smell in particular is this Strawberry Fizz scent as I find its the most potent of them all and is lovely and sweet.

Moving on to the main section of this post is the beauty favourites. I've got 1 makeup product, 2 body and skincare products and finally one perfume.
I think i may have mentioned this makeup product in a previous post but this month i have been obsessed with winged liner again so it is only fair that i include the Eyeko liquid felt tip liner. I never used to be able to use felt tip liners but this one changed everything and now i find it so much easier to use!
For skincare i have been loving this Mitchell and Peach Radiance Oil especially during lockdown as i don't mind me looking all oily because i have nowhere to be.
I have really dry hands and this Bodyshop Satsuma handcream is the best! It not only feels great but smells it too. 

Last but not least is this Pink perfume from Next. I got a giftset in this scent years and years ago and i randomly just really wanted this scent back so i had to go purchase myself the perfume but i wish they still had this in a body spray.

I hope you are all doing well in these crazy times.
If you have any posts you would like to see from me please let me know!
Thanks for reading!


  1. What a gorgeous pair of boots! I love a chunky boot. They're so easy to style and wear with so many different looks xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

  2. What does the Pink Perfume from Next smell like? All these products are so cute, the Radiance Oil sounds lush! Thank you for sharing, great post xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. It's quite fruity and floral. Imagine if the colour pink had a smell that ould be it! Thanks for reading! Xx

  3. These products look very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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