Elf Cosmetics Haul / Review

Hey! Welcome to my blog, if you want to know my thoughts on Elf Cosmetics or just feeling nosy and want to know what I picked up, keep reading.

We all know that dreaded feeling when you go to do your makeup and you can't scrape any more concealer out of the little tube anymore. This happened to me and so I decided it was time do do a lil top up shop. I don't really know what made me check out the Elf website but I ended up there and if you know me you will know I hate paying for delivery so I had an excuse to spend £25 on makeup. I know Jeffree Star approved the Elf make up so I wanted to try some out myself. Plus they had free gifts so that was enough to convince me!

The fist two items I picked up were the 16 Hour Camo Concealer. I picked up the original formula and then I also saw they had a new hydrating version so I decided to try that one out too. I didn't know what shades to pick up so I tried two different ones. I got the hydrating concealer in a slightly darker shade but this was a good choice as the other one is very light but still usable. I actually struggle with dry patches on my face including under my eyes so i was hoping the hydrating concealer would work wonders and it did!

Both concealers had good coverage and reminded me of the shape tape concealer. They lasted all day and did everything I expected and more. The price being so cheap makes this my new number 1 go to concealer!  

I also bought the Flawless Finish Foundation. This paired perfectly with the concealers and for the price it's worth it. Just your normal decent foundation.

The Poreless Putty Primer and Putty Eye Primer worked and felt lovely. I did find that they started to look dirty however as you are having to stick your fingers in. Other than that they looked great on and did what they claimed as far as I was aware.

If you know me you know I love a freebee so when I got to pick a free item I was very excited. You got a choice of a few lippies and eye shadow brushes. I chose a lipstick (Obvs). I thought this orange/red would be lovely in the summer and reminded me of that stage when I was younger and everyone obsessed over orange lipstick. I really like how its not to orange and steers more towards red. It's moisturising and feels great on. I will say though it will not survive a meal and will need reapplying, if that's not an issue for you then i'd recommend!

That is everything I got!
Thanks so much for reading...


  1. Sounds like Elf is still doing really well! Good to hear it's a good dupe for the Shape Tape. I've only tried the Makeup Revolution one that's supposed to be a dupe for it as well...

    I never tried a lot from Elf, I have received a few free samples of their PR team here in Belgium, way back when I started my blog. I was glad to try them out but wasn't super impressed with the products I picked out... Shame as I really hear a lot of good things from them!

    Love, Charline | ‪http://charlinehasablog.blogspot.com/

    1. I had a powder from them before this which was pretty decent, that's what influenced me to try more.

      I think they are a nice brand for the price but there a definitely better products out there! x