Lush Valentines Haul

Happy February! 
We're already in the second month, The months go faster every year!
Since i had my love for Lush rekindled at Christmas i decided to buy all the bath bombs and bubble bars from the valentines line. I must say this idea was lead by the eggplant bath bomb Lush gave us us sneak peak at on their Instagram.P.s i also took some of these pictures using my new Huawei Mate 20 Pro, can you tell the difference?

 Bath Bombs
This year Lush released 3 bath bombs. I am pretty sure Love Boat has been around in previous years however Peachy and Aubergine (I would call it an eggplant) are 2 new additions. 
The Love Boat had the most appealing scent in my personal opinion. It is Orange and lemon scented which is probably why i loved it so much as lemon is my all time favourite smell. The colours that seeped out of this bath bomb were beautiful.
Peachy and Aubergine were the items i was most drawn to just because they represent the exotic Peach and eggplant emojis. I think these are fun and would be great to gift at valentines day. Surprise surprise Peachy is scented with peach juice as well as grapefruit and davana. Aubergine is scented with bergamot, ho wood and litsea cubeba.

Bubble Bars

 Lush brought out a LOT of bubble bars this year 5 in total.
2 of these bubble bars are glitter overload whilst the other 3 are not. 
Lush decided to bring back the unicorn horn. i did not get to try this last year so i was excited to see it again. The colours are so delicate and girly, the product looks adorable. This unicorn horn includes lavender oil and neroil therefore i will be saving this for a night when i feel stressed before bed.
Love Token can be reused and therefore would make a nice gift as it can be used more than once. It is scented with ginger to give the feel of a homemade biscuit.
There are 2 variations of the Six bubble bar, red and yellow and blue and yellow. The name is a play on words and they are both scented with clove bud and heady. They are also reusable.
Finally, Open Your Heart is a bubble bra. It says you can half it and use for two different baths. The bubble bra is scented with cardamom and sandlewood.

Overall, the collection as a whole is very good and looks amazing. The emoji bath bombs are very creative. All of these products would make brilliant valentines gifts.

Thanks for reading!

Whats your favourite Lush Product?



  1. lush did so well with their valentines range. the peachy bath bomb is my absolute favourite.

    1. I agree. I love that they weren't afraid to push the boundaries.

  2. Lush totally nailed it with their valentines collection this year, everything is so cute xx ❤️

    1. Yes! Who doesn't want an adorable boat floating around the tub xx

  3. I feel like your blog smells amazing from this post! Desperate for a relaxing bath with some chilled easy music and a gorgeous lush scented bath bomb now!

    1. I usually restrain myself to one pamper night a month but I've recently decided that a lush bath is essential when i'm feeling stressed so I've been relaxing a lot more frequently now.