Cleaning: What It Does For Me

I have no clue why the photo quality is so bad...
Okay, so I've just edited these pictures i took on my camera and the quality is awful. Do you know why? Help me.

Anyway, this post is going to focus on my new cleaning hobby and why i love it so much. 

I recently followed @MrsHinchHome on Instagram and my new founded obsession with cleaning has helped me so much mentally. I noticed that i tend to struggle with stress and it could come out of nowhere but i wanted to work on ways i could combat it and cleaning happened to be one of them.

I found that i felt my worse when i was surrounded by mess. I found that living in on unorganised, messy location had an effect on my sleep and productivity, therefore i made a change. 
I sat and wrote a list of things i could do every Sunday in order to have a fresh, clean and great start to the week ahead. I did my research on @MrsHinchHome on Instagram and i applied everything i found relevant.
I've noticed how much my mental health has improved just by adding a deep clean once a week to my routine. I feel my mind is much clearer and relaxed and i am motivated to get more things done and to start new ideas and projects. I even filmed my first YouTube video yesterday! 

To finish this post i wanted to show you what i think are some great starting points to implement cleaning into your daily/weekly routine with hep from @MrsHinchHome. If you follow Mrs Hinch you will know of her obsession with Zoflora. I searched everywhere for a bottle of this good stuff and i finally found some in Tesco so i picked up three bottles. Zoflora has so many uses which they show on their website so this is definitely a must have.
Every morning you need to make and spray your bed. This means that you make the bed and spray it down with a fabric freshener. I feel that it just kick starts your day. 
Finally, just buy some multi-purpose wipes and wipe down every surface.
I do so much more now but if you want to start small these 3 tips are so good!

Thanks for reading!
What's your favourite cleaning products?


  1. how did you export the images? usually it's the compression of them. let me know if you need some more tips.

    have a good day

    Cate ღ 35mm in Style

  2. Amazing post! Thank you for the tips!