What's in my Pamper Hamper?

I'm back AGAIN! It's been a while since my last blog post however I have been super busy working on school work. Since the 6 week holidays have begun I decided to get my blog up and running again!

Today's blog post is going to be based on my current products that i keep in my Zoella hamper! I like to call this my 'Pamper Hamper' as i tend to store away my monthly pamper products. I will be showing you everything that is in here as of this moment, however some products may have already been used once or twice.

 The first thing I pulled out of my hamper were these two exfoliating sponges. A pink one from Soap and Glory and an orange one from a gift set i was given however i can't recall the name of the brand. I like to store these in here for when the current one i am using (Zoella) wears out and breaks.

Next I have a range of different body moisturisers. I have a Dove moisturiser which i haven't yet used however it smells lush. I also have a Pink Peppermint Candy Swirl moisturiser which I was gifted for my birthday last year. I have used this and although it can be quite watery it smells like Christmas! Finally i have a Sugar Crush body butter from Soap and Glory. This body butter is very creamy and the smell is very refreshing , this product is great to use in the morning to wake you up.

I also have a Body Shop scrub in my pamper hamper. The scrub is raspberry and a dark purple colour. The scrub exfoliates the skin amazingly however does leave lots of bits in the bathtub when used. 

I have some amazing hand creams in my pamper hamper!
 I have a Hemp Body Shop hand cream which i was recommended to buy in the shop and it really does work. I personally love the smell however many people I have asked disagreed. I also have this super cute cherry blossom hand cream, the head of the panda screws off and the cream is in the tub. This hand cream doesn't work as well as the Body Shop however smells much better.

I have a few bath treats hidden in my pamper hamper. I have half a lush bubble bar which is the penguin which comes out at Christmas , again this smells amazing, as lush products always do! I have a couple of bath bombs as well. i have a coconut one , a strawberry one and a few little cupcake ones as well. I think these are super cute and affordable but not as good as lush!

 In my pamper hamper i have some Nip and Fab winter cherry collection products. I have the hand cream , which is in a super handy travel sized tube and a body butter. I don't know the difference between normal cherry and winter cherry but they do smell great!
Obviously I can't showcase the Zoella hamper without Zoella beauty products! Currently what i have left of the Zoella products that were once in there is: Ginger Cream moisturiser , Zoella bath crystals, Hungry hands hand cream and half a Zoella bath fizzer. These are from her winter collection but who doesn't love the smell of gingerbread ?
Now we are are onto the final two products left in my pamper hamper! These products are a body scrub and a hand and body moisturiser.I got these in a gift set and they're really nice. Nothing special but still  nice to have.

That's all the products in my pamper hamper at the moment. Did you enjoy ? leave a comment if you already own any of these products and your opinion on them. Or maybe leave me some suggestions to add to my hamper. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more follow my blog(you can find the button on the right) and share with your friends.
See you next time!


  1. I love this! Such good inspiration for a blogpost. After looking through your blog, I'd love to see a top 10 post. Like your top 10 products, top 10 ways to relax, top 10 holidays... that would be fun! 😁

    1. Thank you! I Love the top 10 idea and I will definatly be adding it to my list