My First School Musical - Fame!

Happy Monday! How are you ? Today I'm going to be sharing an amazing experience! That is a school musical I recently took part in. The musical was Fame! and I have to admit , it was.....great!
This was my first musical and I wish I had started to take part sooner.
At first I was very nervous , I didn't know what the other people would be like and how they would treat me but everyone turned out to be super nice. When I went to the audition, after my dance teacher persuaded me to , I sang with my friend Esther (1st pic, first from the left). We had to sing part of the song ' Bring on tomorrow' and I'm not going to lie it was a little to high for me and Esther so we didn't sound to good...oops! Any way we waited and waited for the cast list to come out and once it did we realised we both got one of the main parts along with our friends Patrick (4th pic, in the middle) and Alex (Not pictured). I got Ms Bell ( Dance teacher), Esther got Iris (Tyrone's best friend) and Patrick got Tyrone! We were all really happy with our parts!
Rehearsals were tiring however it all  paid off in the end.
The shows went amazing and everyone did so well, its sad ad I will only get to take part in one more musical until I leave :(
I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful week (Almost Easter!) and don't forget to Follow this blog, you can do this by pressing follow on the right. Comment your thoughts and ideas and if you have done Fame! before. Also don't forget to share! Sharing is caring. See you next week! Byeee!