What I Got For Christmas 2018

Annnd... She's back... again.
Oopsy, I may or may not have abandoned you guys by accident. I'm sorry! I didn't realise that starting college and my new job would be so much hard work! Blogging really did become difficult to fit in when i'm at college all day 4 days a week and then working either 2 or 3 of the remaining days of the week. BUUT i have decided that blogging is something i really want to continue and therefore i will find time to do create these posts. i think dedicating one day to taking all my pictured for my posts once a month should help. I have my blog posts planned up until march so hopefully i will keep on track.

Anyway, this blog post will be my annual 'What I got for Christmas' post! I'm not going to list every last item however i will give you a basic run down and my first impressions on each product.

I did receive a lot of bath goodies this year which makes me very happy as i live for a good bath bomb or shower gel! My boyfriend got me the cutest box of lush products and body shop shower gels! Lush is my absolute fave so i was very excited to pop a golden wonder bath bomb into the tub! I also got another box of bath items from my mum. it included a mixture of items such as bubble bath, lemon shower gel, bath salts, a candle and more!

I've been dying to try the Chloe perfume so I was really excited to unwrap this beauty that i have heard so much about! It smell just as good as the beautiful packaging looks! You bet i'm going to be including this beauty in many blog posts in the future!
 I also got a Bench gift set and one of those light up hair removers which have always baffled me as i never understood how they would work! 
I actually asked to receive this mudmask from Aldi! I remember hearing so much talk about this mask as it was a £5 dupe for the Glamglow mask. I'm thinking about buying the Glamglow mask and doing a comparison post, would you like to see that?

I was gifted the most adorable little bag which is perfect for when i only need to carry my phone and keys! I got some cute pj's and a red umbrella which I've been requesting for ages due to not owning one. I got my annual planner and socks. Finally, I got this cute ring!

I loved all my presents and will find use in every single one. I am extremely grateful!

Hope you enjoyed my first post back!
What present did you love gifting/receiving this year?