Kellogg Organic Wholegrain Wheats Classic Review

Just another review! I thought i would mix things up and steer away from beauty today. I received this box of cereal to review from Bzzagent recently and i'm going to review it for you!

I actually took all these photos with my smartphone for this post as i wasn't actually going to do a blog post on it. Either way i hope the quality is okay. 

My first thoughts was that the cereal on it's own was actually quite tasteless and dull. It went soggy fairly quickly which i don't particularly enjoy. However for and organic , healthy cereal what did i expect?

I decided to add some berries and sugar to add some flavour and colour. This made it much more enjoyable to eat.

Overall, paired with a refreshing glass of OJ and berries this makes the perfect breakfast to start off the day. It is affordable and therefore i feel it's a great value for the price. 
If you're looking for a new breakfast to try or perhaps a healthier alternative this is a great option!

Thanks so much for reading!
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What's your favourite cereal ?


  1. These look so good! Lovely review

    Tish |

  2. Looks lush with the fruit in it! Nothing like a strawberry to cheer up a healthy bowl of cereal! It’s got me craving now! Haha lovely post

    1. Thanks! There's nothing better than a bit of fruit to amp up your bowl of cereal!


  3. Oh my what a great selection this is and that price! Definitely a must have x