May Favourites

Hey! How are you guys? As you can probably see i have revamped my website...AGAIN! I just wasn't a fan and after hours...and I mean HOURS of searching for a theme i was happy with i finally found this one. I added my own little touches and deleted what i didn't like, i think i'm finally happy with how it looks. What do you think? Is there any advice you can give me? Let me know!

Without any further rambling i present to you my (Very Late) May favourites!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow : While writing the name of this product i did actually call it Brow wiz... If you can't tell i really loved this product and i am desperate to purchase more brow products from Anastasia Beverly Hills ; i also just woke up from a nap. The product is super creamy and even my mum became obsessed (stealing it every time i left my makeup unattended) I had to buy her one for herself. It looks amazing and i had never used a pomade before and i can tell you it is super easy to use! 

Rimmel Insta Fix & Matte : I purchased this beauty at Boots on a whim. If you love a flawless matte look and a powder that feels smooth on the skin this is it! I honestly look forward to applying this powder to my face to set it. I actually hit pan pretty quickly though but this occurred after i put this in the post. I don't think this is awful and it doesn't outweigh how great the product actually is i just think you would need to repurchase frequently if you use this everyday but hey, it's affordable to that isn't too much of a problem.

Barry M Mist & Fix Setting Spray (Matte): This is actually my first ever setting spray... I KNOW GURL, i know. I don't know where this has been all my life but i always thought they didn't do much. Boy was i wrong. My makeup stays on sooo much better and longer. I have actually been getting into dewy makeup recently therefore i think i will purchase the dewy version of this setting spray as it is affordable.

Skincare/Body Care
Nivea Sooth & Protect Lip Balm : This little guy might look average and no big deal BUT let me tell you how AMAZING this lip balm is. My lips are the most annoying thing ever and they always crack in the left corner and it hurts so much. I could literally yawn in the morning and they rip, only in that corner. This lip balm saves my life. I lather it on and it instantly relives them and the healing process speeds up so much quicker. I know many people who rave about the Nivea lip balms and i can confirm i am now one of those people.

Skin Chemist Rose Quartz Lip Plump : Does this product plump my lips? A little bit. Does this product make them feel fresh and beautiful? YES. I've put this product in here because i'm addicted. Once I've applied a little bit i cant stop. I love the peppermint on my lips and i cant even describe the sensation, It isn't tingly it's something else.

Zoella Hungry Hands Hand Cream : I usually save this hand cream for the winter as it is a gingerbread scent however every month i change up my makeup , skin and body care. I let my little brother pick out my body care for the month of may and he chose this hand cream. You either love or hate this scent and i am a lover. The hand cream is not thick and is quite thin.I love this and i am a huge fan of Zoe!

 That was my May favourites. I went into a little bit more detail in this post. What did you think? Do you prefer the short snappy posts or ones like this?
I also set up a new Instagram @Caitpaigexo strictly for my blog. I haven't posted yet but i would love for you go go follow.