Pinterest Baking #1 Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

Baking fail... Welcome to the first blog post of march! I am so over winter, spring where are you! We've got a tonne of snow the past few days and I miss the warm sun soo much! 
I've decided to start a new series here on my blog. I want to try out the amazing baking ideas found on pinterest to see if they are as amazing as the pictures make out. I will leave you a link to the original recipe and you can see here to see how well they turn out.
You can find the recipe here

To begin with I set out all my ingredients (I added the jazzles) and preheated the oven to the correct degree. I had all the correct ingredients and now i just had to follow the recipe.

I then added all of my dry ingredients to my bowl and mixed them all together. Up to know the results looked positive and all seemed to be going well.

In a separate bowl i whisked together all my wet ingredients. Strangely the  colour did not look as red as it appeared in the photo however i just assumed it would change later on. I added in my dry ingredients and mixed together to form, what they described as a dough. Now this is where things started to go wrong. I had to used my hands to form the dough and the mixture just got stuck to my hands. The dough was extremely sticky, brown and would not spread out in the baking tray. I had to eventually press the dough down into the the tray which i would prefer not to. Eventually we got the dough into the oven and allowed it to bake.

Now into another fail...The frosting. The cream cheese frosting just would not thicken up like it was in the photo. It was a big bowl of goop. I added more powdered sugar to try and thicken it but nothing would work! Eventually we gave up and had to deal with it.

We let the base cool and applied the messy frosting. I added the jazzles for the appearance and taste and cut the cookie into bars. 
Overall i would describe this as a fail. They looked nothing like the picture and the colour wasn't even right, i used the exact measurement! They tasted of flour and powdered sugar but they were still edible.
Would i recommend ? No.

Let me know if you tried this recipe and please tag me in your photos. Maybe i made a mistake?


  1. Oh no, shame it didn't work out. This does make me want to bake today though!

    1. Even if it didn't turn out great, it was still fun to do! X

  2. Oh wow these just look incredible! i so need to try them, even though they didn't work out like you expected I still think they look fab xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. Thanks hun, I think they wouldn't be as bad if the cream cheese frosting wasn't as runny! X