London Trip 2016!

London School Trip 2016!

We arrived at Manchester Train station ready to head on a train to London , for me this was my first time in London and I couldn't wait to get there!
We stayed in a Premier In hotel. I shared a room with Corin and Alexandra.
We had our tube tickets and we were ready to explore London for two days!

On our first day in London we shopped in Covent Garden (psst..I spent all my money on the first day..oopsy). We did a Wicked dance workshop at pineapple studios! The women who had us was lovely and down to earth! We also ate at Spaghetti House before watching the play Matilda! The play was amazing and the best I've ever seen! The best bit for me was the 'When I grow up' number, so creative!

Our second day was again wonderful! We went sight seeing ,London dungeons, shopping...again! and we also watched A Play That Goes Wrong. I was frightened of the London Dungeons at first however it was an amazing experience and I even laughed a bit, dint get me wring I was screaming....a lot! The Play That Goes Wrong was extremely funny and had you laughing from the begging.
Overall it was an amazing weekend and I'd Love to go to London again!
Have a good day and thank you for reading! - Caitlin



  1. Nice blog... I remember my school trip to London. We enjoyed and learn a lot in that London Trip. As I can see you all enjoyed and very excited for this trip. Thanks for sharing beautiful pics.

    1. Thank you ! It truly was amazing, I'm glad you enjoyed my blog post.