All The Bright Places Book Review

Book Review: All The Bright Places-Jennifer Niven

Recently I finished reading my first Zoella book club book 'All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. This book is a real tear jerker and I cried at the end and I didn't want it to end! You really get to know the main characters Violet and Finch and you create a bond with them throughout the book. They meet on the ledge of the school bell tower and they start a school project together wandering Indiana where their relationship is formed. The book skips between both characters point of view so you can understand how both Violet and Finch feel in the same situations. The book has you on edge and I couldn't put it down.

Above are a few of my fave quotes from the book. That's another thing I love about the book, its full of quotes! Its made me want to start highlighting my fave lines and quotes in the books I read.
The next book I am going to read from the Zoella book club is 'The Potion Diaries' and once that is finished I will be reviewing that book as well.
Let me know in the comments which book you love from the Zoella book club or just in general - Caitlin